12 week group coaching program for female entrepreneurs

who want to optimize their focus & energy to grow their business to a new level


"Sophia's course changed my life! I am a mom of two young and wild boys, work full-time AND always growing my side business. I felt overwhelmed, disconnected from my authentic self and purpose, as well as having very low energy. Sophia's wealth of knowledge AND practical solutions for my busy busy life have helped change my mindset and how I approach every single day. I feel like she just gets it. I can not put into words how profoundly her program has changed my life. Thank you forever, Sophia!"

Hi, I’m Sophia

with my 25 years, I have worked in multiple industries like film acting, dance and real-estate. I have built a successful business with my husband, while raising a 2 year old toddler and through it all I have understood the importance of taking care of my own health & well being first!

I used to struggle with mental problems like depression and anxiety. Burnout was an occasional normal for me, when I "yet again" overloaded my to-dos and did it all!

After practicing yoga for over 5 years, I finally decided to get certified as a Yoga teacher, which lead me to take Yoga off the mat into my life and introduced me to the amazing ancient teachings of Ayurveda.

It has become my mission to spread this knowledge so you can too, build a successful business & joyful life with Ease!


"My life would not be the same without Sophia. She helped me find balance and purpose. Not only she was able to support me and define what kept me backward, but she also gave me tools to handle whatever life throws at me on my own. Which is the most valuable gift someone can give you because when you are striving to be better and do better, everything around you improves too. This was such a valuable experience and I am deeply grateful for your help."